My First Truth

Over the coarse of my life develop my own view of the world and rules to live by.  They are not completely original and I claim no right to them.  It is just how I see things.  I welcome arguments against my ideas because that is how ideas are improved and refined.fe633-kids-reading

Now that’s out of the way…

This idea was not the first to come to me but it is now my ideals all can derive from it.  It is simple but hard to hold true to.  It holds the key to understanding the actions of nearly everyone.

No one sees themselves as the villain in their own life.

No one sees themselves as evil.  Their actions are justified in their own mind.  It is circumstances, life experience, and their own ideology that lead to people’s actions.

This is easy to say for myself.  I don’t think I’m evil.  Sure someone may think I’m a bad guy.

Example: When managing a Gas Station I refused selling cigarettes to people without IDs.  I got call a lot of crap including getting screamed at 10 inches from my face “You F—ing Racist!” to the point where a coworker called the police.

I can look back and understand his point of view.  I’m guessing a bad day to start.  The nicotine addiction. The fact he probably sees me all the time and he is just another face in the stream of customers and doesn’t understand how I cannot know his face by now.  Calling me a racist (I’m white he’s black) is a result of a lifetime of experiance I will never know.

Was he justified or right in his actions?  No. (Or not to me.) But I understand how he could do it.

There are harsher examples and harder to accept reasoning but everyone has their reasons.  Those with opposing views to yours are not just dumb ignorant jerks.  They are people with beliefs and a conscious and regret.

Regret is essential to this idea.  We all have them, big and small.  That which is justified in the moment can be regretted.  A villain does not regret his bad deeds.  The world is not black or white, it is all greys.  To think that you are always right, that your ideas and actions and beliefs are purely good or that another’s is purely evil is purely wrong.

So there it is.  Your enemies do not see themselves as evil as your enemies should not see you as evil.  Understanding, hope, peace, knowledge, and change, for me, all come from this idea.

Again I welcome a discussion on this.  Good or bad.  If you want to know more please let me know.



2 thoughts on “My First Truth

  1. I agree with you! It’s rather easy for our minds to be deceptive when we look back on our actions. We usually remember the good things that we did, that make us feel reassured about ourselves. Yet, the bad is often forgotten because of the negative emotions that are correlated with it. It is a manner of self-deception that is pretty much hardwired into people.
    As a Christian, this tendency to self deceive is pretty convicting but I have found that a community that will support and and call you out. Accountability helps everyone come to grips with the truth.
    But again, you have made a great point and realization. I hope it continues to inspire grace and understanding in you!

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