What’s Weighing Me Down

I am what some people would say is overweight and some say obese. I could rail against these terms and say how beautiful I am and it doesn’t or shouldn’t effect my self-esteem. (It is true though.)  Or that BMI based on just height and weight is BS. (It is BS) None of that changes the fact that I am out of shape.

I don’t get enough exercise and don’t eat as healthy as I should.  That has led to me gaining weight and being lazy.  I am getting too old to be this out of shape.  So I am working on changing that.

I am 5-11 and at my heaviest recorded weight I was 260+ pounds.  According to BMI charts I should be about 170.  I would be way skinny at that.  My brother is good at that weight but we have different bone structure. (Thanks Dad.)  I also am dense. (Insert dumb joke here)  I barely float.  I’m not sure why but every swimming lesson I’ve taken has mentioned how hard it is for me to float. I’d put my ideal weight at about 190 lbs.  I’d be happy to be under 200 again, it’s been probably 10 years.

I am currently at 236 lbs.  I need to bring my bike in to get fixed and I plan to ride it a lot this spring and summer.  This fall I want to do a big ride of some sort.  At least do my age (41) on a bike this year.  It’s not a crazy goal and I hope to crush it at some point.  But part of improving my life overall is setting goals and keeping to them.  Like writing 3 times a week.


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