Missing but not Gone/D.A.S.H 8

I missed Monday’s scheduled post and I’m guessing I’ll miss Saturday’s too.  Monday was just not feeling like writing.  I tried to start three times and couldn’t bring myself to write.  so I messed around with the layout and left it at that.

Saturday I am doing DASH 8 with friends.  DASH stands for Different Area Same Hunt.  It’s an organization that puts on themed puzzle hunts around the world.  A few friends of mine will join together and defend our city championship! (in the novice division)  It starts at 10 AM and will go until we are done.  Last year’s theme was wizards, this year we are secret agents.

This is the fourth year we have done DASH as a group. We talk about doing the expert edition every year then we remember how brain dead we are up by the end.  If we get the best time again this year maybe we will.

We all love trying new things and stretching our brain muscles. This year our team will have two librarians, and Archaeologist and me the tech/math guy.   We also like to do bar trivia when we can get together and somehow I’m the pop culture and sports expert.

Needless to say I might not get to writing a meaningful post on Saturday but that’s okay.  The goals I set out are not hard and fast.  I may adjust them again as I have other ideas for creative expression.  Never let failing once stop you from failing again.  Did I type that right?  Yeah I can stand by that.


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