Habits and Anxiety: Personal Update

I’m doing well.  As I am settling into my new place and feeling at home there I am noticing some of my bad habits creeping back in.  I am intentionally trying to pay attention to that kind of thing.  I want to develop better habits and break bad old ones.  Sense I just moved I thought it would be a good time to do that.

Example:  I have been meaning to take daily vitamins.  I am very bad at it to the point I have had multivitamins expire on me. I am even bad at taking prescribed pills when I get them.  So I decided to combine taking them with brushing my teeth, a habit I have had instilled in me since childhood.  I feel dirty if I haven’t brushed my teeth. It is such a routine thing that I will forget that I did and feel the toothbrush to see if it is wet.  My plan is don’t brush my teeth in the morning until after I take the vitamins.  I have been leaving the bottles right on the bathroom counter as a visual reminder.  It is working.  I haven’t missed a day in a couple of weeks.  It also helps that I am consciously thinking about this stuff.

The hope is that I can make it an everyday habit. A part of my morning ritual that i will do without thinking about it like brushing my teeth.

Bad habit example:  I wake up ready to go.  Yes, I am one of those morning people that rolls out of bed ready to take on the day.  But unless I need to go do something like go to work right away I usually watch TV until I need to go.  Lately I’ll watch last night’s Daily Show and Nightly show if I have time.  That would be a perfect time to exercise.  That is not what I think about when I get up.  I feel like if I can just form that habit I would be so much healthier and by extension happier.

There has been a drawback to consciously paying attention to what I do, anxiety.  I have noticed that anxiety levels have been higher than normal.  Whole the last few months have deserved a higher level of worry now I have take care of a lot of those worries.  Still my anxiety is high.  For those who don’t know me I am pretty laid back.  Plus sense I am aware of it I start to worry about it.  Thus adding to my anxiety. Isn’t the brain fun!

Even with that overall I am doing better.  I am down another 4 pounds from the last time I mentioned it.  I have been getting out with friends more.  I am (close to being) done arranging my living area and computer set up.  I have a pile of crap to garage sale/throw.  I’m basically down to wall hangings that I am debating putting up with a landlord who doesn’t want any holes in the wall.

Even as I seem to have moved to two posts a week I am enjoying writing and want to do more of it.  We will see how it goes.

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