NaNoBlogMo? 40+ Posts this month!

Hey there.  I’m still around!  Someone reminded me that it’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) And I thought, “I should do it!”  But then I thought about what I really want to write at the moment is shorter blog type stuff.  So why not do that instead?

I want to write and express myself more.  Satisfy that creative itch.  Stop putting off those things I meant to express.  So here it is.  Me being creative.  Write now. See, I made a pun just for you.

If you lasted past that I going to lay out my goal for this month.  At least on blog post a day.  Break a total of 40 for the month.  To count toward the 40 total the blog must be at least 300 words.  A shorter blog can count for the daily but not for the 40 count. That’s a total of 12000 words minimum.  If I found a good way to add a total together I am going to shoot for 20,000 words.

The reason to set a goal is to push yourself to achieve it.  I write because it helps me put desperate ideas into focus.  It also helps me with other minor issues I have (maybe I’ll talk about those in a future blog when I get desperate for ideas.)

Now these blogs won’t be as refined as I would normally make them.  There will be mistakes. I won’t proof read everything.  Please do point out mistakes if you want, I welcome the grammar Nazis this month.  How else am I to get better.

If you have ideas on what I should talk about or things you would like to know about me please feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or whatever.  I’m going to try to roll out as many of these as I can while keeping them readable.

So here is to challenging oneself and to following through on those challenges



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