Thoughts on Donald and Hillary

Hillary Clinton will do anything to get elected. She all but stole the nomination from Bernie. She is out of touch and bought by the big banks .

That being said, she is still the better candidate by a mile than Donald. He has no morality, no intelligent positions, and no conviction other than blaming others for his own faults. He has no policies other than “having the best policies.” The plans he actually released will increase the deficit. He profited off his own campaign’s donations. He treats foreign policy like a hand of poker with no long term consequences.

Donald reminds me of all the worst aspects of a salesmen.  I’ve been in sales for a long time and there is a certain amount of bluster that goes into a pitch.  But Donald thinks that is intelligence.  I can train any schmuck to deliver a pitch but Trump is the guy who you send in to close a deal and when he gets out and you ask him what he had to give the buyer to close the deal and you realize that we are going to loose our shirt on this deal if not the company.

He has no idea of what it takes to run a country.  If he wins the best we can hope for is that they wheel him out on special occasions to say how great America is now then wheel him back into the closet and let *Shudder* Pence run things.

And, if that wasn’t enough, he is a racist, sexist, adultering, pervert who gropes women and brags about it. I would not leave him unattended with anyone I know or any female ever. If he wasn’t rich and able to settle the many cases that have been brought against him he would be on a sex offender registry. Donald cannot and will not be President.

This concludes my commentary on this election (hopefully) until election day.


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