This is November in Minnesota?!

I could be in shorts. It’s November 4th and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and I am just a tad on the hot side in these jeans. The best part, it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow.

It is also Friday after a hard work week.  But as I walked out to my car it all left me.  My boss had praised me for helping in the craziness today and soon as the sun hit me walking to my car I couldn’t help but have swagger in my walk.

I could go on in how we are going to set a record this year for the latest frost by over a week.  But it is too damn nice.

There is so much I could be ranting about or try to explain how I approach the World. But the sun’s going to set soon and I am betting it is going to be spectacular.

The petunias are still blooming! On November 4th! I think a mosquito bit me and I don’t even care. Thank you for this gift.


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