Avast Anti-Customer?


Quick graphic job. Unlike Avast’s customer service

[Update:  I have heard back from Avast after this post went up.  They have attempted to make this right.  Will do full update after fully resolved]

I went on a twitter rant last night. The target was Avast, an antivirus company.  This is not against their products that I find work if somewhat annoying.

I am coming at this with over 20 years of customer service from driving cab to retail management, to tech support.  I also know that customer service is not easy but it is also vital, especially today, to attempt to do it right.

*Deep sigh* Before I start ripping into you I want to lay out the situation.  We had a little hacking scare.  So I decided to up my protection from Avast from the free to the lower tear paid service.  You charge $49.99/year but always have sales, this one was $19.99/year.  I got charged the $50 plus tax and because a browser issue, probably on my end, I got charged twice.  Two mistakes easily corrected. The double charge is obvious but the deal I expect some push back on but was ready to fight for.

So I call on a Sunday evening and find out that ALL billing questions you must put in a ticket on their website.  Fine… Let me find that on your website… 30 minutes later I am able to find the place to put in a ticket.  I mentioned nicely both problems and waited.

Five days later.  Five business days later…

captureLet me just pause here.  How the hell does it take you more than one business day to respond to somebody’s complaint?!  It’s 2016 not the 1950’s.

And this problem isn’t tricky or nuanced.  Even if it was tricky you send a reply that day saying so and that you are working on it.  I’ve got over $100 tied up for a week waiting for you to correct this crap.  It had actually left my mind during a busy week that you overcharged me and I was waiting for a reply.

Generations of fruit flies lived and died, 1.5 million people have been born in that time. And you can’t get someone read a ticket and say, “Yep he’s right” and respond?

After five days you had better get it right so both of us can move on…

This is the email I got five days after I put in a ticket.

Hello Toby,

Thank you for contacting Avast. May I offer you to combine your licenses together and thus create an extended coverage (merged and combined with the remainder of your old one – therefore ensuring you don’t miss any of the time you have paid for) instead of refund to be initiated, please?
Just let me know.

Best regards,


*Deep Breath* NO!  Did you not read both parts of the complaint?  You double charged AND over charged! At the deal value that is still less than one of the payments I made!  You want me to pay $100 for 2 years when I was trying to pay $20 for 1 year?!?!?

On what planet do you think I am from?  This isn’t some new math mistake.  This is complete ignorance of issues that you are responding too.

Also the end of the question in the response  “…instead of refund to be initiated, please?”  Poor grammar and I can tell just by these seven words that Andrew is not at fault.  I’m fairly certain the billing customer service people are judge on money not customer satisfaction.  Andrew probably saw that  he would have to give me more than he is allowed without permission and brought it to his boss who said no refunds or it’s your job.

Avast doesn’t know what they have done.  They better make this right and soon.  I am not going away.  I hope that you don’t take another 5 days to respond to my nice response to your customer “service” response.

You will regret it.



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