I won this Saturday #Winning

votedJust another gorgeous day in Minnesota in November.  I did not set out to have an epic day of winning but sometimes it just works out that way.

To start I wrote my blog post for the day about Avast screwing me over.  I woke up today to find out they, finally, got around to checking their social media and made a quick effort to fix it so I won that battle.  More in a future blog.

Then I went and early voted.  I did my civic duty and now I have the right to complain about government until the next election. (BTW that is much sooner than four years.)

Then I walked around downtown Minneapolis for a while.  Visited the new park outside the14980602_10154622191754360_1177911357018465465_n new Vikings stadium.  It is an area that needed green space.  To bad the stadium looks like a sand crawler.  I’m waiting for it to snow so I can push my nickname for it #SnowCrawler.

And then I did the thing that I am most proud of.  I went shopping at a mall.  No that is not the part I am proud of.  I was looking for some good short sleeve work shirts.  Didn’t find any.  Then a thought crossed my mind. “It is November and Christmas is coming…”

I got my Christmas shopping done!

Yep.  Other than a few cards etc., I have all my Christmas shopping done on November 5th.  Now I don’t have to worry about that at all this season.  I can avoid the retail meccas for the entire season.  If that is not winning I do not know what is.

My day didn’t end there.  I spent the evening with good friends playing SeaFall.  We started a campaign of it and last night we play the first and second games.  (The ones after the prologue.)  I didn’t win any of these games but am an a good position for the next round of battles.

Oh and lest we forget.  I got an extra hour of sleep last night.

My Saturday was all about winning.


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