My Election Prediction(s)

I was one state off in my last two election predictions.  This time I’m going to give you three maps to ponder. First is my prediction of what will happen  This is my what I feel will happen but it is not what my gut says.


The one state that is the hardest for me to predict is Ohio.  It is the state that will be the last to be called.  But the race will be over much before then.  Early voting and the way the electoral map works is just to much to overcome.

I am not as firm in my convictions as I was last time so here is my Clinton landslide map.


This I call the conscious/young vote.  It is hard to poll young people and they just won’t break for Trump.  Then you have the people in the voting booth thinking the just can’t vote for the Donald.  Texas I think is closer to turning blue sooner than people think.

Now for the Trump best case scenario.


This is the best I think Trump can do. All I really need to say is that Trump still loses in this scenario.  Trump does 68 electoral votes better that the modest prediction and still loses.  there is no way for Trump to win at this point.

The state to watch for me is Georgia.  The sooner it is called the better for Trump.  If it called when the polls close we are in for a long night.



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