40 Blogs in 30 Days Update

Every other Thursday is a crazy day at work.  Thus I am mentally drained.  I will put off another day my response to the election and do an update on my self challenge.  This will be blog 12 in 10 days.  A little behind where I want to be but election day kind of messed with the schedule.

I’ve done a varied blogs topics.  From crazy warm November to politics to customer service.  I want to keep trying new topics as I move forward.

The word count I have been fairly good at.  But I think I might shoot for an average overall instead of a minimum.  Forced writing for length is not what I want to do.  This one will be short of the 300 word count goal but I did one near 1,000.

I just don’t have it in me today.  I plan to sit back and be a zombie tonight.  Hope you are doing well.


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