Avast Customer Service Follow Up


I had some seriously bad customer support at Avast.  After a Twitter rant I wrote a post explaining what happened the next morning.  Now that it is completely resolved I’ll talk about their response.

First, I should not have to do what I did to get a response from Avast.  Good regular processes can prevent these things.  Whatever they had in place failed to work.  I became the squeaky wheel and I got the grease.

To quickly sum of the product problem and Avast’s response. I got double charged (likely my fault) and didn’t get the deal that was offered ($20 for a $50 product.)  Avast, 5 days later, offered me to make one license out of charges so I would pay $100 for 2 years instead of the $20 for 1 that I wanted. After complaining loudly they offered me a refund and free 2 years of service. ($0 for 2 years)  I said yes.

Now on to how they have handled it in customer service terms after the “Oh Crap!” moment that happened at Avast HQ on Sunday They responded on twitter.  Then were able to track down my complaint from my blog (Probably from me directly quoting the response and giving the first name of respondent)  and got the apology to me quickly.

…I am really sorry to learn about the bad experience you had with our support team.

I totally agree with you that neither the response time nor the actual response was appropriate. I will discuss the details with our internal team in order to improve both for the future.

…Please accept my personal apologies about this whole incident. I would also like to thank you for letting us know about this issue so we can learn from it and to change our procedures, in order to provide a better customer support experience.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

That is a wonderful response.  I also know that my angry post got passed around the company and they are keeping an eye out for this follow up.  (New views from Europe, Hello!)  Couple of things. Maroni, the customer care manager who sent the response, did say I could contact them anytime but responded through the Avast customer care general email address.  So I can’t contact you anytime, I can contact general customer care and hopefully gets filtered to you.  Also my response email, while I did not asking for one, was not responded to.

Customer service is a craft.  If done well it goes unnoticed or is greatly appreciated, mostly unnoticed.  If done poorly can cost customers and money.  The fact that this $80 mistake has gain so much attention by Avast that the time of people not in customer service there. (and therefore money) should be a clue of the wise investment preventing a squeaky wheel can be.

I’ll close with something I said in my email response. Empower those employees who are the first line of contact to make decisions that are right for your customers.


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