Moving Forward With President Trump

It happened.  We have to deal with it.  So as a person who thinks Trump is a dangerous person to have as president move forward with him in the job.  First off I did wake up the next day, the sun rose, my job was still there, I got work done, the mood was down but still moved forward.  I went home after work.  Everything is still here.  Life continued.

There was no second coming, the world has not ended.  IMG_1065

I know I am a straight white male from a christian family and a lot of the rhetoric that, if put into practice, would not hurt me.  I also think it is important to acknowledge that it could help me financially.  I cannot know what those who are “Not like me” must feel to be made to feel less, treated as less, legally less than me.  I try to listen and understand and empathize.  Call me out on my crap.  I may not get it right away but believe me I will think about it in private moments and attempt to understand.

Back to Trump.  Actually a story from four yeas ago.  I was sitting down with a group of people talking to the presidential candidate from the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Pete Lindsay.  As the conversation continued I talked about getting people out on issues even if we don’t agree on everything.  I brought up an anti-war protest and we should invite all anti-war groups like Libertarians.   Basically she said she would never march with Ron Paul because he is a racists.  I argued that we will never succeed at changing anything if we can’t work together on the things we agree on.

The point I am attempting to make is that we cannot remain myopic and bring the world together.  So heck yes, call out every bigoted action that Trump takes but if he does the right thing on something, like universal health care (long shot but he was for it at one point) we should jump on it.

Be strong advocates for your beliefs but not narrow in their scope.


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