Challenges of Blog Challenge

I’m a bit behind om my Blog challenges.  I have made one every day.  but the hard part for me is I get home from a job that works my brain and then it hits me I got to use my brain more.

Probably what I should do is after getting home take some time to unwind then get to blogging.  But I’m afraid that will lead me to relax and not write.  Because I’m already unwound.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I am doing this.  And I am happy with the over all quality of subjects and ideas.  I haven’t covered everything I thought I would but life has a way of influencing what topics are important in the moment. I know there are grammar and spelling errors in the mess but that’s a bit of the point.  Get it out and published.  It is not like I have ten thousand people reading these.

Here’s to another quickie blog to meet my obligations.  🙂


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