Why Clinton Lost and Who to Blame

*Warning:  This may hurt enthusiastic Clinton supporters and contain strong language*

I’ve tried to tip toe around this but I cannot anymore.  I was one of those people who did not know who I was going to vote for when I entered the voting booth.  It was never going to be Trump but Hillary just did not do it for me.  In the end I voted for Hillary Clinton.  It hurt every ideological bone in my body to so.  112things-cover-280x188

That being said let me answer the second question first.

Hillary Clinton is to blame for loosing the election.

Wow that was easier than I thought.  Can we move on now? No?  Okay.  Let’s go into why.  I’ve had friends trying to ask Trump supporters why they voted for him.  I replied every time I saw this I asked why, other than Trump, did you support Clinton?

Let me go thought the arguments.

She led the fight for universal health care in the 90’s

And it’s not on her platform this time around.  go look at her website while it is still up.  It doesn’t even have a public option.  Next.

She and Bill did x during Bill’s Presidency

Really,  You want to go there?  If Hillary wants to own Bill’s presidency she has to own all of it.  NAFTA, Don’t ask Don’t tell, crime bill, the blue dress and not leaving him.  The picking and choosing that she did really hurt.  If she had owned it all it might have worked. Shrinking deficit and job growth for the win!

One person said this in response to my question.

“She makes policy decisions based on what she hears and by conferring with others.”

Oh, she has no ideology or principles that she would fight for against what the polls.  This is where I point out that sense the 90’s she has been behind on EVERY progressive/liberal/social justice position from gay marriage to trade to the environment.

When I pointed this out on Facebook to someone he said that no politician was for gay marriage 3 years ago.
1. Fuck you
2. Bernie

She is really good and inspiring in person and in small groups.

Well she didn’t except my invitation to that cocktail party so I didn’t get to meet her.  She is not running for captain of the football team.  The 99.9% of us who will never meet a nominee will not have that opportunity.

She has been attacked and belittled by the right for 12 years and is stronger for it.

I’ll give you that one.

More than anyone else has. More than any man could survive.

Okay, 2 points here that you need to hear.
1. She has been the presumptive nominee for 12 years!  The GOP would have been doing their party a disservice not to throw as much mud at her as they could.  I’m not happy about it but everyone knew she was going to be the nominee 8 years ago but Obama upset her.  That brings me to;
2. Ask that Kenyan born, Muslim, Communist, Marxist, Nazi, Terrorist that caused 9/11, Isis, the Iraq war, the housing crisis, Syria, Egypt, Iran to get the bomb, and took all the guns that is leaving office now about it.

Now the 2 things that ended my struggle in the booth.

She has the experience to do a good job


She paved the way for women and has fought for them all her life.

Hell yeah!

But what about the issues that I care about? (Not that I don’t care about ending patriarchy but I’m not a one issue voter)

Ending the war cycle.
Jailing Bankers
Getting money out of politics
End Fracking
Stopping new oil pipelines

She has been behind on EVERY issue I care about.  I want change and change for the better.  She represents a slight move backwards from Obama.

But the Supreme Court! All the progress we have made will be gone!

You sound like the evangelical right.  I am not a one issue voter and progress happens at all levels of government and in our lives.

The point of all this is I had no desire to vote for Hillary Clinton.  The turnout shows that too.   Hillary was the wrong choice for a nominate and did not do enough to inspire people to vote.

There is a bright side to all of this but that’s for another day.




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