Pizza Cooking the Toby Way

downloadI overslept because I didn’t set my alarm.  Work was normal.  Ran errands after work. bought a fresh pizza to cook. get home.  Take the pans stored in the oven out of it and turn it on.  put groceries away then look at instructions for pizza.

It required me to provide a pan to cook  it on.

Looks at pans, looks at size of pizza, looks at pans… it won’t fit.  Check pizza droopiness level and it’s way to high for on the rack.  Look under pizza to see what it is sitting on. A piece of cardboard smaller than the pizza…

Find the best balance between pan size and pan that that has aged not so gracefully.  Do calculations between halves leaving less burnt cheese to clean off pan and quarters being easier to get off hot pan with sides. Cut raw pizza in quarters.  Place half of pizza, 2 slices in oven. Cook.

Remove from oven.  Glad of choice of paper plates for flexibility and lack of caring about. Eat half of pizza while other half cooks.  Repeal last two steps.



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