I am a writer, poet, philosopher, gamer, videographer, photographer, video editor, tech consultant, marketer, mediator, manager, designer, programmer, and champion marshmallow eater.  I have worked baking bagels, cab driver, fast food peon, Retail manager, warehouse lead, sales, cable layer, copywriter, project lead, and corn match maker.

My love of knowing, my thirst for understanding has led me to my understanding the world the interconnection of everything, and the fact I will never be able to answer every question I have.

I have never been able to get my personal passions into a career I love.  If you are interested in working with or hiring me for anything please contact me.

I have been described as many things, one of my favorites is “A calming force of reason and clarity.”  I’m that guy who walks in on 3 people arguing on how something should be done, does the thing that needs to get done, and leaves sometimes without the others even noticing.  I’m the guy who you don’t remember arriving or leaving but whose presence is always positively felt.

If you have read this far you enjoy what I do. (Or I hope you do and you aren’t some hater or government agent.) I appreciate your support.  Then share and comment what you see here.  It does motivate me to do more.

Accomplishments: (Or things I am proud of.)

Performed on the stage at Carnigee Hall

Wrote, directed, and edited a zombie movie

Saved a kid from drowning

Special guest at CoreCon 2011

And numerous times helping other people and being told “Thank you”


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