SeaFall – The Adventure Begins


[No Spoilers] A group of friends are playing the SeaFall game.  We are 3 games in including the Prologue.  We are all old school roll players and are taking up roles as we get started.  We now understand the basics of the game and are trying different strategies and falling into different roles.

Always looking for a good story I’ve decided to letters back home.   This will be the first entry.  This letter takes place at the begining of the 1st mission after the Prologe

[May contain minor spoilers]

Uncle Red,

Even though it has been fifteen years sense my father sailed of the horizon I have never felt closer to him than I do in this moment.  The crew is loading the last of the supplies on the Venus DeMilo before we sail west.

Many blame my father’s disappearance on the way he treated the natives while he was exploring.  I am not my father.  He turned away from our family’s tradition of embracing our past.  I will not.  We performed the old rituals to the ancient gods and I can truly feel the uplift in spirits it has done for our crew. We will not meat the same fate as my father did.

The rumors are also true, Uncle, that the other kingdoms are once again setting sail to the west.  The seas will not be peaceful this time.  Against your advise I have hired Lewd Lloyd Goode.  We will be fighting out their and we will need the savage against our rivals.  The risk of turning islanders against us is but a small risk compared to loosing one battle on the open sea.

The only reason I can lead this mission myself is that I have you and Tesh here to manage our lands.  There is no one I trust more with that responsibility than you. May the road rise up to meet you and may we have fair winds and following seas on this journey.

B.P. Kinsforth